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MSI "Numbers in Nature"


Thursday, Nov. 13, 2014


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To immerse visitors within this subject matter powerfully, MSI Chicago commissioned Leviathan to create a four-minute long, ultra-widescreen film combining HD cinematography with mesmerizing motion graphics and visual effects, and an original score from Joel Corelitz of Waveplant. After leaving the theater, guests engage in hands-on learning with more than a dozen interactive installations as well as a mind-bending mirror maze advancing all the ideas introduced in the film.

Vice President, Exhibits & Collections: Kurt Haunfelner
Senior Exhibit Developer: Olivia M. Castellini, Ph.D.
Director, Exhibit Design & Development: John S. Beckman
Senior Project Manager: Mark Ewing
Exhibit Project Manager: Faith Griggs-York
Design Manager: Angela Williams 
Senior Coordinator/Researcher: Sarah Ingraham
Creative Director: Bradon Webb
Sr. Producer: Lauren Shawe
Art Director/Designer: Gareth Fewel
Designer/Animator: Ely Beyer
3D Modeler/Animator/Compositor: Anthony Malagutti // Andrew Butterworth
Designer: Alexis Copeland
2D Animator: Tobias Mattner
C4D/AE Animator/Compositor: Jesse Willis // Anthony Morrelle
VFX/Compositor: Chris Beers
Editor: Billy Sheahan
Technical Project Lead: Dennis Chau
Sr. Programmer/Research Engineer: Adam Berg
Programmer/Creative Technologist: Harvey Moon
Technical Support: Lucas Schira
Script Writer: Paul Rosenthal
Music Composer: Joel Corelitz / Waveplant
6 Channel Audio Mix: Sum1
VO Talent Search & Record: Dog and Pony
VO Artist: Andrea Hadhazy
President/Executive Producer: Chad Hutson
Executive Creative Director: Jason White
Chief Scientist: Matt Daly
Line Producer: Sung Hwang 
DP: Mark Woods / TechnoCranes Chicago
Exhibit Design: Luci Creative
Exhibit Fabrication: Ravenswood Studios
Computer Hardware/Projectors Set Up/Installation: Creative Technology
Lighting Design: Lightswitch
Exhibit Lighting: ILC
Exhibit Writer: Heather Lindquist / Harvest Moon Studio
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