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McDonald's "Paroled" [SPEC SPOT] Visual Effects Break Down

Tuesday, Jun. 30, 2015


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Go behind the scenes of McDonald's "Episode 1: Paroled"  [SPEC SPOT]Filming started on the scenic roads leading to the backlot of AMC's "Turn" in Powhattan, Viginia, and ended in Richmond's Scott's Addition district. A blank warehouse wall served as the canvas for a replica Joliet Penitentiary wall, a stylistic homage to the opening scene of the 1980 film "Blues Brothers". Ronald McDonald is portrayed by local stunt and race car driver, Jesse Clark, and SpangTV producer Jordan Rodericks was tasked with becoming the Hamburglar... or at least the lower half. The characters were modeled, rigged and animated by Rick Plautz and the tracking, compositing and visual effects were led by Charles Bevan with a joint effort from the whole Mad Box team. The 60-second short spec film was directed by Whiskey Tongue (directing duo Chris Allen Williams & Matthew West) who are also the principal partners of Mad Box Post. Along with Max Fischer, Director of Photography, they led a team of excited and determined crew through one ambitious and grueling day of filming which included a Porsche chase car, stunt driving work, and a blend of live action, animation and visual effects. The spot was concepted and created by Brett Landry and Brian Engleman, two rogue creatives, determined to bring a script they loved to the screen. Williams approached them a year prior to collaborate on the spot, expanding on their ideas to give it a longer, more cinematic feel.


Production Company: Spang TV/Whiskey Tongue

Directors: Chris Allen Williams and Matt West (Whiskey Tongue)
Director of Photography: Max Fischer
Editor: Chris Allen Williams
Production Designer: Andrew Carnwath
Wardrobe and Costume Design: Cecilia Clark
Character Animation and Design: Rick Plautz
Visual Effects and Compositing: Charles Bevan
Colorist: Matt West and David Muessig

Post Production: Mad Box

Creative Directors: Brian Engleman and Brett Landry
Assistant Editor: Logan Threlkeld
Post Producer: Macy West
Sound Editor: Andrew Uvarov

Audio Post: Red Amp Audio

Music: "Radar Love" Golden Earing

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