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McDonald's "Celebrate with a Bite"


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Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014


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Filmworkers provided post services for a new Olympics-themed campaign from McDonald’s and DDB, Chicago, that has plenty of “bite.” The new spots connect the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi with the McDonald’s brand by showing medal-winning performances from past games, and consumers watching at home while enjoying McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. Each spot ends with a shot juxtaposing the winning athlete, celebrating victory by biting a medal, with a consumer, who is also celebrating by biting a McNugget. U.S. snowboarder Louie Vito, ice hockey player Patrick Kane and speed skater Shani Davis are among those featured in the ads.

SPW Credits

CLIENT: McDonald’s

AGENCY: DDB Chicago. Matt Eastwood and Tony Malcolm, Executive Creative Directors; Nancy Jordan, Creative Director; Brian Boord and Chad Broude, Associate Creative Directors; Matt Green, Producer; Liat Ebersohl, Executive Producer.

PRODUCTION: PYTKA, Joe Pytka, Director; Tara Fitzpatrick, Executive Producer; Gretchen Siss, Line Producer.

EDITORIAL: Whitehouse Post. Meg Kubicka, Editor; Matt Jameson, Assistant Editor; Dawn Guzowski; Producer; Dan Bryant, Executive Producer.

POST: Filmworkers. Fred Keller, Colorist; Rob Churchill, VFX Director; Lisa Long, Executive Producer; Derek de Board, Senior Producer.

AUDIO: Gutenberg. Nick Papaleo, Sound Engineer.


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