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MasterCraft "Mission 04: History Is History"


Digital One
Tuesday, Jul. 15, 2014


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MasterCraft’s “Mission 04: History Is History”, is a glimpse of the past, present, and future of on-water experiences, carefully crafted by the finest purveyor of inboard luxury performance boats. The web film showcases the newly re-designed ProStar, a re-imagined and re-inspired take on an original classic, first constructed by MasterCraft in 1968. To channel the excitement of being out on the open water being pulled to nauseating heights, Digital One Sound Designer Chip Sloan combined high quality location audio and precise sound design to create a multidimensional look at the 2014 ProStar. In an effort to capture the most authentic MasterCraft sounds possible, Digital One worked closely with Bump Films in pre-production to determine the best way to capture location audio that would be fitting of the beast it would ultimately represent. The result is a shining example of how subtly crafted sound design can enhance emotion without becoming distracting.

SPW Credits
Agency: Nemo Design
Production Company: Nemo Productions, Bump Films
Audio Post Production: Digital One
Creative Directors: Jay Floyd, Mark Lewman
Producer: Rebecca Hynes
Director / DP: Mark Bame
Executive Producer: Jason Boertje
Cinematographer: Eric Jeffcoat
Editor: Mark Bame
Sound Designer: Chip Sloan
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