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Lowes Foods' "Barnburner"


The Colony
Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015


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XYC, a directing duo at The Colony, has just completed an offbeat comedy spot for retail chain Lowes Foods’ “flaming hot deals”.  Agency The Variable asked XYC to imagine a customer running past with deals so hot that his cart is literally on fire.

“To get the right impact, we had to really set the shopping cart on fire and do it practically,” said XYC. “Meanwhile the cast was directed not to react to the flames, but just to a shopper who had found a great deal at Lowes.” 

Post-production was completed at The Colony’s VFX studio, Afterparty. 

SPW Credits

Client: Lowes Food

Agency: The Variable
Chief Creative Officer: Joe Parrish
Associate Creative Director: David Jones
Senior Copywriter: Gary Bostwick
Agency Producer: Keith Rose

Production Company: XY Content
Directors: XYC @ The Colony
Producer: Kristina Siska
Producer: Peggie Porter

VFX: Afterparty
Executive Producer: Angela Bowen
Editor: Alex Markman
Lead Compositor: Fred Kim
Rotoscoping: Alejandro Monzon
Smoke Compositor: Nickolas Crist
Colorist: Jordan Lister



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