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La Quinta's "Swim"


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Thursday, Jun. 11, 2015


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Man-eating sharks turn cuddly in a new campaign for La Quinta. Filmworkers and Churchill Studio provided the inspired CG magic for Swim in which a businessman is dropped into a dive tank filled with blood-thirsty sea creatures. The campaign was conceived by DDB Chicago, and directed by David McNally of CoMPANY Films. The man finds himself underwater after giving a business pitch, made with the aid of La Quinta’s faster Wi-Fi service, to a roomful of skeptical executives. They open a trap door beneath his feet to see if he’s ready to “swim with the sharks.” Turns out, he is. The man cavorts playfully with the ravenous creatures, even clasping one in an affectionate bear hug.

Title: Swim
Client:  La Quinta
Agency: DDB, Chicago.
Production: CoMPANY Films. David McNally, Director.
Edit:   Cutters. Grant Gustafson
Visual Effects: FWC / Churchill Studios. Derek de Board, Executive Producer; Casey Swircz, Producer; Fred Keller, Colorist; Rob Churchill, Creative Director; Daniel Pernikoff, Senior Art Director/Lead Nuke Artist; Drew Parks, Lead 3D Artist; Quin Barclay, 3D Artist; Rob Churchill,  3D Animator; Tristan Dotson,  3D Character Rigging; Rob Churchill, Michael Anderson. Heidi Anderson, Flame Artists
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