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King and Country's Chiller Rebrand Montage


Priya PR
Thursday, Dec. 10, 2015


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King and Country's cinematic on-air network rebrand of Chiller is "Scary Good."


Network: Syfy/Chiller

VP Creative: Shea Pepper
VP Design: Calvin Chu
Art Director: Ariel Frost
Production Manager: Meghan Dineen
Production Coordinator: Louis Waxman
Production Assistant: Jillian McCullagh


Production Company: King and Country

Director:  Rick Gledhill
Executive Producer: Jerry Torgerson
Managing Director Network & Brands: Lisa Miller
Producer: Chris Hill, Seth Gantman
DP: Andrew Cook
Coordinator:Daniel Beldy
Production Designer: Chase Sata
FX Makeup: Tony Gardner
Wardrobe Stylist: Day Madrigal

Animation, VFX Company: King and Country

CD:  Rick Gledhill
VFX Supervisor: Andrew Cook
Art Director: Henry Castleton
Designers: Hyejung Bae, John Hwang, Josh Lewis
Animators/Compositors: Henry Castleton, Greg Mitchell, Ted Gore, David Perry


Sound Effects Company: Hum Music
Audio Mixer: Dan Hart

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