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Monday, Oct. 27, 2014


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"End of Days" our KILLER producer, Jason Steele, traveled from to Budapest to bring an end to the world as told by the powerful 140 piece Hungarian Studio Orchestra & Choir. An epic tale of dark and evil forces is at work in the haunting track "Harbinger of Ragnarok."  The Mutants "Rhythm and Punk Review" recorded at London’s Sugar Cane Studios, The Mutants called in a scrolling roll call of groundbreakers and scene-shapers for co-writes and performances. KT introduces Sarao Music - Hand Made Music, our Barcelona-based record label. This new label is filled with eclectic, organic, fresh, different and unique tracks. Official "Travel With Me" mvid from MISUN. Killer Tracks 2014 Promo Reel.  Rev Theory - Alpha King produced for the KT's Artist Series. KT's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Original music: Killer Tracks

"End of Days"
Composed & Conducted by: Robert Leslie Bennett
Produced by: Jason Steele

The Mutants "Rhythm and Punk Review"
written and produced by Chris Constantinou and Paul Frazer

MISUN "Travel With Me" 
Edited By: Orlando Urbana; Music and Lyrics By: Misun Wojcik, Andrew Wallace and William Givens; Published By: Soundcast Music (ASCAP)

"Alpha King" written by Rev Theory (Julien Jorgensen, Richard Luzzi, David Agoglia, Matthew McCloskey)
"Alpha King" published by Killer Tracks (BMI)
Video Produced by The Uprising Creative
Executive Producers: David Gurule, Jonathan Craven, Grant Gelt
Producer: Alley Curran
Director: Laban Pheidias
Director of Photography: Dan O'Sullivan
Art & Wardrobe: Sandy Hubshman
Edited by: Laban Pheidias
GFX: Dan O'Sullivan

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