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Kansas Lottery "Big TV"


Tuesday, Sep. 16, 2014


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Everybody has a dream. With its new campaign via JNA Advertising, Overland Park, Kansas, and directed by Superlounge duo Jacob/Slade, the Kansas Lottery encourages us to dream bigger. Lance McCormick and Tom Wirt were the co-creative directors for the campaign. In the spots, comprised of three :30s and four :15s, people fantasize about small things, causing a drill sergeant to materialize and urge them to play the Kansas Lottery and “Dream Bigger.” The Kansas Lottery’s “Dream Sergeant” campaign broke September 8 and will continue to roll out and rotate throughout the year.

SPW Credits

Client: Kansas Lottery

Marketing Director: Colleen O’Neil
Advertising Coordinator: Meg Roberson
Assistant Attorney General/Chief Counsel: Stephen Durrell

Campaign: Dream Sergeant

Spot Titles: "Yard Balloon" : 30 TV, "Big TV" : 30 TV, "Curtains" :30 TV, "Big Catch" :15 TV, "Meterologist" :15 TV, "Hammock" :15 TV, "Monkey" :15 TV

First Airdate: September 8, 2014

Agency: JNA Advertising / Overland Park, KS

President & CEO: John Nohe
Vice President/Chief Creative Officer: Lance McCormick
Executive Creative Director: Tom Wirt
Vice President/Director of Client Service: Angie Williams

Production Company: Superlounge / Los Angeles

Directors: Jacob/Slade
Executive Producers: John Malina, Dave Farrell

Editorial Company: Substation K / Kansas City, MO

Editor: John McCone



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