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Jeep Renegade's "Renegades"


Artisans PR
Monday, May. 11, 2015


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Accomplice Media directing team Sherpas Cinema collaborated with The Richards Group and Jeep on a new campaign launching the 2015 Jeep Renegade across North America. For the campaign’s 60-second launch spot, Sherpas Cinemas’ Eric Crosland captured the epic adventure of a band traveling America in search of musical stardom. Featuring Brooklyn indie rockers X Ambassadors and their original song Renegades, the spot debuted on the iHeartRadio Music Awards show. A second spot, titled Renegades, is a visually innovative mosaic centering on modern day rebels. 

Titles: Renegades, Endurance Race, Beach  
Client: Jeep Renegade
Agency: The Richards Group, Dallas.
Dave Allen, Brand Management Principal; Cassie Lee, Art Director; Dave Longfield, Creative Director; Paul Nelson, Executive Producer; Michael Panley, Brand Management; Mike Payer, Writer; Stephany Puno, Brand Management; Chuck Schiller, Creative Director; David Styler, Art Director; Stacia Wells, Brand Management; Chris Siminski, Product Specialist.
Production: Accomplice Media.
Eric Crosland, Director; Jeff Snyder Executive Producer; Mary Pat Forston, Business Manager; Darrin Ball, Producer; Beth Schiffman, Production Manager.
Edit: Lucky Post, Dallas.
Logan Hefflefinger, Editor; Kendall Anne Kendall, Post Producer.
Music: Q Department, New York.
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