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Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2014


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 A souped-up 3D printer delivers unexpected results in a funny new spot that’s part of Doritos’ annual “Crash the Super Bowl” Ad Contest.


Creative: Gordon West, Creative Director/Writer/Director

Production: Frank Donnangelo, Director of Photography; Ashley Fornelli, Assistant Director; Theresa Yafanaro, Make-up/Prop; Derek de Board, Line Producer.

Editorial: White House Post. Brian Gannon, Editor; Ashley McGinn, Assistant Editor.

Audio: Another Country. Drew Weir, mixer.

Color: Filmworkers. Fred Keller, Colorist.

CGI: Giannini Creative. Casey Curtis, CG Artist.

VFX: Filmworkers. Derek de Board, Jeff Charatz, Rob Churchill, VFX Artists.

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