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HTC Desire EYE launch film


The Colony
Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014


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HTC’s Desire EYE is a “selfie phone” featuring two cameras, one on each side, and a waterproof shell. Animation studio Afterparty combined Realflow liquid simulations that form the outer body of the phone to illustrate the unique two-color injection molding process and a deluge of water to reflect the phone’s unique capacity not to fail poolside. The launch film combines stunning eye candy and practical information about the features of this stylish product. The result is a lush macro vision of this new technology. 


SPW Credits

Title: HTC Desire EYE launch film

Client: HTC

Agency: Radworks
Creative Director: Julian Rad

Design /Animation /VFX: Afterparty
Executive Producer: Angela Bowen
Design Director: Jordan Lister
TD – Simulations: Marcello Cermak
Lead TD / Nuke Compositor: Shawn Lipowski
CG: Tehmina Beg
Lead Compositor: Elias Saliba


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