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"Hockey Legends"


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Friday, May. 22, 2015


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Venice, CA-based creative studio Heresy director Paul Coy Allen enlists hockey heroes Wayne Gretzky and Pavel Bure to put the dedication of fans to the test in the new “Hockey Legends” for Bud Russia. The spot features a hidden camera stakeout at a dive bar where Russian and U.S. fans are enthusiastically watching a hockey finals game. Gretzy and Bure watch from behind the scenes and make their surprise entrance into the bar where tensions are beginning to grow between the opposing fans. The rivals on the ice—and friends off the ice—challenge a duo of fans to a game of table hockey, uniting the contesting fans to cheer for the lighthearted match and even have a beer together in the end.

SPW Credits

Client: Anheuser-Busch InBev; Bud Russia

Product: Bud

Title: “Hockey Legends”

Production Company: Heresy

Director: Paul Coy Allen

Executive Producer: Melissa Larsen

Producer: Gina Leonard

Associate Producer: Julia Petrova

Editorial & Post: Heresy

Executive Producer, Post Production: Maureen Dowd

Editor: Justin Fong

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