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Hasbro/Transformers Battle Masters' “A Warriors Journey”


Right Word Media
Wednesday, Jun. 18, 2014


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It’s a familiar ‘against-all-odds’ story about a scrappy boxer from the street who gets his one shot at the championship. Only this time it’s Transformer arch-enemies Megatron and Optimus Prime battling in the ring in this new, 3D animated epic boxing ad from animation/visual effects house Clockwork VFX for the new Transformers Battle Masters game and agency UPROAR!, New York. This hugely ambitious :90 spot, which began airing in May represents a significant creative accomplishment for the nine-year-old creative studio.

“This was an ambitious project from a CG animation perspective that truly tested Clockwork,” Jason Tomlins, Clockwork VFX’s Creative Director/Co-Founder says. “Ninety seconds of complex 3D animation, featuring an array of action sequences set-n photo-real environments, is a rarity in advertising, and it’s why this spot stands apart from everything else in the kids/toys market.”


Client: Hasbro/Transformers Battle Masters  Project: “A Warriors Journey” (:90)

Agency: UPROAR, New York, NY

Animation/Visual Effects: Clockwork VFX, Dubai and New York
Creative Director: Jason Tomlins, Executive Producer: Mia Harvey

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