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H-E-B 2015 Big Game Commercial: “On the Road”


Press Kitchen
Friday, Feb. 6, 2015


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Sugar Film Production director Chris Smith tours the globe on a quest for the freshest ingredients in the charming :60 H-E-B 2015 Super Bowl Spot, “On The Road,” out of The Richards Group. The spot features an H-E-B employee packing a suitcase for a worldwide quest to source the freshest ingredients for the one-of-a-kind products of H-E-B’s Primo Picks line. The man makes his most valiant and earnest attempt to stretch his linguistic expertise and conquer local terrain as he goes straight to the source to extract queso from the Rio Grande Valley, lingonberries from Finland, balsamic vinegar from Italy, Celebration Cookies from Canada and fresh peppers for the delicious Pepper Toppers spreads from Peru.   


Client: H-E-B    (Title: “On The Road” :60)

Group Vice President, Advertising and Marketing: Cory Basso|
Director of Advertising: Christine Mahr

Agency: The Richards Group

Brand Creative/Creative Group Head: Chris Smith
Brand Creative/Writer: Wendy Mayes
Brand Creative/Art Director: Bo McCord
Brand Management: Howard Blevins
Broadcast Producer: Kim Alexander

Production Company: Sugar Film Production

Director: Chris Smith
Executive Producer: Tony Miglini
Head of Production: Michelle Isbell

Editorial: Treehouse

Editorial Executive Producer: Jeremy Besser
Offline Editor: Jayson Limmer

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