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GMC's Sierra HD Auto Locking Differential


Big Block
Monday, Jan. 12, 2015


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Drawing on the skills of Big Block’s live action directors, design group, visual effects artists and editors, Big Block presented a spectrum of design options and next-level filming techniques to to tell the Denali HD story and create a superb digital experience for potential buyers.

Big Block and Digitas pushed the envelope with a 360° proprietary rig, a handheld MoVi gimbal rig and an adventurous decision to use a drone-mounted RED Epic camera to capture steep mountain inclines and expansive vistas.


GMC 2015 Sierra HD Website Videos


Agency: Digitas Boston

VP/Group Director, Creative: Marc Gottesman
VP/Executive Producer: Ben Raynes
Senior Art Director: Jamie Reiley
Senior Copywriter: Graham Shepherd
Account Director: Julia Mounts

Live Action & Post Production: Big Block

Director: Shaun Collings
Director: Mark Glaser
DP: David Darby
Managing Director: Kenny Solomon
Executive Producer: Pete King
Live Action Producer: Jay Kelman
Senior Post Producer: Kay Rough
Producer: Lauren Loftus
Coordinator: Tiffany Dickerson
CG Supervisor: Randall Smith
CG Effects: Tom Connors
CG Generalist: Nick Poznick
CG Generalist: Rob Glaser
Compositor: Rachel Keyte
Graphics: Grant Hoki
Editor: David Nitzsche, Brandon Hardin
Flame: Blake Huber, Ryan Yoshimoto, Brian Shneider
Flare: Mark Loso

Aerial Photography: HeliVideo Pros Canada

Drone Techs: Justin Hannewyk, Tyler McDougall
MoVi Operator: Paul Wyatt
Safety Coordinator: Rich Cochrane


Colorist: Lynette Duensing

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