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Funniest Holiday Ad Ever? “Even Santa Poops”


Right Word Media
Friday, Dec. 12, 2014


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Online ads offer both brands and creative teams the opportunity to take artistic risks beyond the confines of broadcast television -- for evidence, HOBO Audio President Howard Bowler points to the company’s recent online work for Poo-Pourri, Zipcar and Hello Flo.

“These projects show the power of unfettered creative thinking,”  Bowler says. “These campaigns gave everyone involved a chance to stretch their talents and the results are viral ads that are not only brand focused, but also very entertaining. The lesson here is that you can get greater value for your clients when you allow the right creative teams to follow their vision.”


Client: Poo-Pourri
Project: “Even Santa Poops” (online ad)

Production Company: World War Seven, Los Angeles
Executive Producer: Josh Ferrazzano
Producer: Mike Begovich
Directors: Pete Marquis & Jamie T. McCelland (Pete & Jamie)
Concept: Joel Ackerman and Hector Batiz
Writers: Pete Marquis & Jamie T. McCelland (Pete & Jamie)
Copywriter: Joel Ackerman
Director of Photography: Kevin Phillips

Audio Post: HOBO Audio, New York
Sound Design/Engineer: Chirs Stangroom

Editorial: Beast Editorial, New York
Editor: Karen Kourtessis

Post: Neptune Post, Glendale, CA
Colorist: Robert Crosby

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