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Ford "The Ultimate Driving Challenge"


Big Block
Tuesday, May. 5, 2015


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Big Block directorial duo Josh + Vince directed “The Ultimate Driving Challenge,” a humorous Mother’s Day tribute for Ford crafted by agency Team Detroit. Ford is highly engaged with its community of Ford owners; Ford’s social media is rich with stories and photos that resemble generations of family albums.

The concept for this year’s Mother’s Day tribute came from Team Detroit with the idea that moms are the best drivers and that Ford builds cars that are up for any challenge. The “Day in the Life” themed video proves that from snack time to playtime, the mother of all driving challenges is something to be reckoned with. Josh + Vince were tapped to direct because of their long track record of eliciting witty and organic reactions from everyday people.


Client: Ford   Title: “The Ultimate Driving Challenge”

Digital Marketing Manager: Andrea Zuehlk

Agency: Team Detroit


Chief Creative Officer: Matt Soldan, Group Creative Director: Anita Salomon, Associate Creative Director: Adam Burkett, Sr. Art Director: Sarah Bills, Sr. Copywriter: Lana Goodrich


Executive Digital Producer: Christian Colasuonno, Sr. Digital Producer: Matthew Caruana

Production Company: Big Block

Directors: Josh Ruben and Vincent Peone; Managing Director: Kenny Solomon; Executive Producer: Corwin Carroll; Producer: Halavah Sofsky; Production Coordinator: Brooke Snyder; 1st. AD:  Shad Melvin; 2nd AD: Matt Bonuso; Camera Operator: Sam Jones; Camera Operators: Ben McIntire,  Joe Victorine; Tech Supervisor: Andrew Hood; Tech PA: Chelsea Austin; Sound Supervisor: Danny Hollis; Audio PA: Mike LaRussa; Media Manager: Simon Wolfe; Set Decorator: Mimi Bai; Props: Raul Anchonda; Art PAs: Ryan Isenhart, John Nunn; Wardrobe: Sean Dermond; Hair & Makeup: Emma Strachman

Editorial: Cutters Studios

Creative Editor: Matt Walsh; Assistant Creative Editor: Ray Straight; Audio Engineer: Jeremy Schemm; Colorist: Eric Maurer; Online Editor: Larry Puskar; Online Assistant: Liz Conger; Flame/Compositing: Tricia Mitzelfeld, Ann Allen; Executive Producer: Mary Connolly

Producer: James Henry


Music House: Yessian

Head of Production: Michael Yessian; CCO: Brian Yessian; Composers: Kurt Schreitmueller /Rusty Logsdon


Program Architect: Emily Luger


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