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"Faith Hope and BBQ" Trailer


Ernie Mosteller
Wednesday, Sep. 9, 2015


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In a backwater Florida town, tiny New Hope Missionary Baptist Church stands as testament to faith, hope, hard work, and the best tasting barbecue for miles. Faith, Hope and BBQ, from filmmaker Ernie Mosteller and editor Jeff Sternberger, introduces you to the Pastor/Preacher/Barbecue Man, the Sunday School Teacher who guards her collard green recipe, the congregation who pray, the customers who pay, and the choir ladies who "Amen" that fine slab of ribs.  It's food for the belly, and food for the soul. Airing in October.
SPW Credits

A Film By Ernie Mosteller and Jeff Sternberger

Faith Hope and BBQ, from Fried Okra Entertainment in association with 2150 Editorial

Directed By Ernie Mosteller
Edited By Jeff Sternberger

Camera/Sound Assistant  Kyle Troxell
Colorist  David Bercera
Audio Engineer  Steve Johnston
Post Production Assistant  Ivian Nunez
Grip Rental  Beau Williams

Cast In Order of AppearanceRev. Scotty L. Clark, Rev. Willie Evans, Mattie P. Clark, Randy Witt, Trevor Kenjosian, Willie Burns, Jim Ricci, Alexandria Clark, Doretha Blount, Mildred Ellison, Alma Wilkerson, Leonore Clark, Angie Hardwick, Reggie Reddick, Carl Clark, Johnnie Taylor, Jeromi Blount, Megan Clark , Bridgette Clark, Terry Clark, Christopher Potter, Dave Potter, Michael Simmons, The Deacons, Congregation, Praise Team and Choir of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church and The Customers of New Hope Tasty BBQ


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