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The Department of Veterans Affairs "Honoring My Grandfather"


Capital Audio Post
Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2014


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The PSA commercial highlights the VA’s recruiting and retention program, and its ability to attract health care professionals from highly accredited medical schools nationwide. The purpose of the project is to communicate the collective efforts of the VA professionals in helping veterans not only survive their injuries, but to enjoy life again. The paid spots were created to recruit doctors, nurses and other medical health professionals to work at VA hospitals, while the PSAs are geared toward the general public, with a focus on those who work at VA hospitals.  The nationwide cable and broadcast buys will begin during the Country Music Association Awards airing on ABC on November 5th.



Agency:  JWT Inside
Creative Director:  Julia Toth
Sr. Copywriter:  Casey Aitken

Production Company:  Potomac Pictures
Director:  Mike Taylor
Director of Photography:  Darin Moran

Editorial:  BobT, Capital Post Production

Audio Mix: Chip Sovek, Capital Post Production

Music:  JSM Music

Color-correction: Sophie Borup, Company 3

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