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Del Taco's "New Fresca Bowls Fresh Farmer"


Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2014


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Del Taco has launched a TV and social/mobile media campaign by San Francisco marketing agency Camp + King. The effort promotes the QSR chain’s new $4 Fresca Bowls—a product that is pitched as “a bowlful of fresh surprises”—and introduces a wacky old coot character called the Fresh Farmer. Each ad features a young diner interacting with the tiny farmer, an overalls-clad kook who pops out of her Fresca Bowl to offer homespun wisdom and non-sequiturs. (Sample: “I once met Old McDonald. He tried to kiss me.”) 


SPW Credits

Client: Del Taco
Title: New Fresca Bowls Fresh Farmer
Aired: September 2014

Agency: Camp + King, San Francisco, CA, USA
Partner and Chief Creative Officer:  Roger Camp; Partner and Chief Executive Officer:  Jamie King; Creative Directors:  Rikesh Lal, Paul Sincoff, Art Director: Eric Lowery; Copywriter: Avery Stokes Harrison; Integrated Head of Interactive Production: David Verhoef; Brand Director:  Lindsay Menasco; Business Affairs:  Tricia Krasneski; Director of Strategy:  Anne Tway; Strategist: Allison Farquhar

Production Company:  The Media Mob, Santa Monica, CA
Director:  Tyler Spindel; Executive Producer/Partner:  Greg Jones; Producer/Managing Partner:  Aesli Grandi; Producer:  Desiree Laufasa

Photography Production Company: Sara Remington Photography, San Francisco Bay Area
Photography: Sara Remington; Director of Photography:  Michael Pescasio

Post Production:  Spy, San Francisco

Editorial Company:  Misfit, San Francisco
Editor:  Doug Cox; Assistant Editor:  Marissa Rosado; Executive Producer: Kelly Koppen 

Music Company and City:  Yessian Music
Composer:  Brian Yessian, Michael Yessian

Visual Effects Company:  Spy, San Francisco 
Visual Effects Supervisor: Darren Orr; Visual Effects Executive Producer:  Lori Joseph


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