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Dapper TV's "The Dapper Effect"


Thursday, Jun. 11, 2015


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Beware! Hilarious and violent antics ensue! Dapper, the comedy division of powerhouse Believe Media, takes self-referential humor to the ultimate extreme in this commercial within a commercial that’s about a commercial. The Dapper Effect was created and directed by director Roderick Fenske. Having been an agency creative once himself, he came to the conclusion:  What better way to promote a comedy production company than to make a comedy film about the comedy production company?


Director: Roderick Fenske
Writer: Roderick Fenske
Producer: Theo Brooks
DOP: Joost Van Starrenburg
Production Designer: Eric Beauchamp
Editor: Kevin Anderson, Cosmo Street
Actors: Phil Lloyd, Chris Chauncey, Amanda Watkins

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