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"Crime Watch Daily" Brodcast Promotion


Kristien Brada-...
Monday, Sep. 14, 2015


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Looking to launch a first-of-its-kind crime show into national, first-run syndication, Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Marketing and 2C Creative joined forces to create a robust on-air promo campaign for "Crime Watch Daily." 2C used strong storytelling abilities and extensive experience in the cable reality space to help make the campaign compelling, customizing spot packages in four phases for more than 20 some markets. In the end, each of the four phases consisted of promos of varying lengths, primarily delivering full packages of 30-, 20-, 15-, 10- and 5-second spots. The campaign has enjoyed extensive on-air play across different stations nationally, as well as online.


Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Marketing

Blake Bryant – SVP, Marketing
Tim RC Anderson – Executive Director, Creative Services
Jared Stone – Creative Director


Chris Sloan – Chief Creative Officer
Marni Wagner – Supervising Producer
Ben Frank – Supervising Producer and Editor
Eric Gardner – Producer
Spencer Condon – Editor
Jesus Martinez – Editor
Jeff Morelli – Editor
Morten Marthinsen – Editor
Chris Volz – Editor
Cesar Haliwa – Audio Engineer
Luis Martinez – Design Director
Bob Cobb – Graphic Designer
Dmitri Zavyazkin – Graphic Designer
Andy Fernandez – Graphic Designer
Carlos Cotte – Graphic Designer
Ashley Hartford – Technical Operations Manager
Kelly Lanman – Assistant Editor


Delarey Hattingh – Director/Co-Owner, Monarchy

Nicci Hattingh – Creative Director/Co-Owner, Monarchy

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