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Coors Light "Crevice"


Artisans PR
Wednesday, Apr. 30, 2014


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Crevice, opens with the camera traveling at hyper speed through an enormous ice canyon. A fissure opens and icy boulders begin to fall from the sky. The camera pulls back to reveal that the frozen landscape is actually the surface of the new 12-oz aluminum “Shatter” pint.

SPW Credits
Agency: CommonGround, Chicago.  
Mark Graham, Creative Director; Nan Zhao, Associate Creative Director; Austin Arnold, Associate Art Director; Audrey Wojtonik, Producer.
Production:  Vitamin.
Danny DelPurgatorio, Creative Director; Larissa Berringer, Executive Producer; Sam Gierasimczuk, Designer / 3D Generalist; Michael Siegel, Designer / 3D Generalist; James Levy, Designer; Morgan James, Designer; Sebastian Larroude, Designer;Marco Iozzi, Designer; Drew Parks, 3D Modeling ; John Cook , 3D Lighting; Santosh Sailesh, 3D VFX Artist; Tim Sepulveda , Technical Director / Compositing; Chris Beers, Compositing; Lauryn Grimando, Associate Producer; Todd Beyer, Sound Design; Michael Mason, Audio Engineer 


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