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Cooking Channel Holiday




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Celebrate the holidays with your favorite friends from Cooking Channel. Produced by Juniper Jones.


Complete Project Credits: Cooking Channel Holiday

Project Name: Cooking Channel Holiday
Length: :60
Debut Date: 11/29/13
Digital Camera System: RED Epic
Film Location: Broadway Stages, Brooklyn
Official Spot on YouTube:
Official Spot on Vimeo:
Behind the Scenes:

Client: Cooking Channel
SVP Marketing, Creative & Brand Strategy: Susie Fogelson
VP Brand Creative & Production: Peter Risafi
Creative Director, On-Air Promotion: Crissy Shropshire
Writer / Producer: Erin White
Design Director, On-Air/Off-Air Promotion: Aaron McDannell
Director of Production & Operations, Brand Creative: Travis McGhie
Production Manager, Brand Creative: Theresa Canlas
Production Coordinator, Brand Creative: Karen Fea
SVP/GM: Michael Smith

Production Company: Juniper Jones
Creative Director & Director: Kevin Robinson
Executive Producer: Susie Shuttleworth
Director of Photography: Joe Arcidiancono
Head of Production: Ryan McRee
Editor: Eli Mavros
Production Designer: Scott Sicari
Illustrator: Bryce Wymer
Line Producer: Mike Michelin
Storyboard Artist: Adrian Hashimi

Music Track: “A Marshmallow World”

Principal On-Camera Talents (in order of appearance): Roger Mooking, Chuck Hughes, Gabriele Corcos, Debi Mazar, Bobby Deen, Kelsey Nixon, G. Garvin and Mo Rocca

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