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"Completely Normal" Trailer


Thursday, Jun. 11, 2015


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An awkward and dark, romantic comedy set in Queens, New York. The film follows two very strange people. Greg, a hopelessly awkward romantic who takes things a bit too far in his mind and in real life. He could be described by some (perhaps all) as a stalker. Gwen is a young woman trying to survive in New York City as a maid. Her personality disorder leaves it hard to accomplish most things, or even consider a love life. Greg spots Gwen on the subway and is immediately smitten. Gwen doesn’t realize it yet, but she has a very secret admirer.


Director: Robert Vornkahl

Writers: Heather Davis, Paul DeKams, Chris Vespoli, Robert Vornkahl

Producers: Andrew Beguin, Molly Beitchman, John Rebecchi

Cinematographer: Brian C. Harnick

Editor: Mike Api

Audio: Brian Yost

Music: David Beede, Andy McCarthy

Color Grading: Gene Curley, Nice Shoes

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