Tuesday, October 25, 2016
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Coinstar's Bills vs. Coins: The Final, Epic Showdown!


Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015


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Coins get no respect. It's probably why the average American has $56 dollars in stray change just gathering dust around the house. So to reaffirm the value of coins, Coinstar took to the streets to give real people a fun, game show-like choice: take a crisp, new $50 bill and walk away—no strings attached, no questions asked—or roll the dice and go for the amount of money in "door number two": a jar full of coins. So, did people choose wisely? Let's just say the jars might have more money than they think...


Advertiser - Outerwall Inc.

Brand - Coinstar

Agency - Grenadier

Partner_Creative - Randy Rogers, ​Partner_Creative - Mark St Amant, Partner_Account - Jeff Graham, Account Lead - Eric Forsyth, Account Supervisor - Ryan Smith, Assistant Account Manager - Madelaine Bess, Producer: Melany Esfeld

Production Company: Co.Mission

Director: Harrison Winter, Executive Producer: Kris Young, Line Producer/Tech Lead: Daniel Tundis

Mix, Sound Design: Coupe Studios, Kip Kuepper

Final Edit/Color: Co.Mission, Idolum

Media Type: 
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