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Coexist's "Method" Animation


Tuesday, Mar. 4, 2014


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Award-winning creative collective Wander has produced, directed, and designed a media campaign for Coexist Campaign that includes an animated short and two Docu Spots - documentary based commercials. All are featured on the Coexist Campaign’s website. This animated brand piece illustrates how donations and purchases fund the Coexist Campaign, and the goals of Coexist as an organization. The campaign was concepted and creative directed by Wander Founder Aaron Weber, while the animated video was lead up by Wander Visual Effects Supervisor, Eric Reinfeld.


Creative Collective: Wander  Executive Producer: Aaron Weber, Creative Director: Eric Reinfeld, Creative Director / Art Director: Cryssy Cheung, Designers: Nicole Morciniec, Anne Fong, Lead Animation: Eric Reinfeld, Animation: Anne Fong, 3D: JD Gardner  Music: The Ski Team

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