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Club W's "#WINEing"


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Wednesday, Sep. 16, 2015


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A Common Thread Director Eli Green has directed a launch campaign for Club W and Los Angeles agency TVGla. In #WINEing, a woman dressed in a floral print kimono extols her “bold taste” while perched atop a rotating bed in a room filled with her eclectic belongings. She points to a pop art painting hanging on the wall and notes, “it came from a tween country star’s personal collection.” As she proudly points out other carefully selected treasures, her paramour “Paolo,” a well-oiled, Italian stud-muffin, performs tai chi in the background. The woman’s discriminating sensibilities are also apparent in her choice in wine: “a small lot Cabernet Sauvignon from Club W.”

SPW Credits

AGENCY: TVGla, Los Angeles.
Dimitry Loffe, CEO; Chad Weaver, director of client services; Ryan Kite, VP/Strategic Services; Julie Gargan, Executive Creative Director; Car Rafanan, Creative Director; Sarah-Marie Glass, Producer; Ewan Anderson, Senior Producer.

PRODUCTION: A Common Thread.
Eli Green, director. J.P. McMahon and Tristan Drew, Executive Producers; Jason Richardson, Producer

EDIT: Beast.
Dean Gonzalez, Editor; Joel Signer, Producer; Peter Hullinger, Executive Producer.

VFX/POST: Brewster Parsons.
Louis Mackall, VFX Supervisor/Lead Flame; Alex Carlson, Producer; Darcy Parsons and Jason Cohon, Executive Producers.

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