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CLIO Image Awards and WWD's "Artemis" (Show Open)


Artisans PR
Monday, Jun. 2, 2014


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Phoenix Media Group helped the inaugural CLIO Image Awards get off to an electrifying start with a beguiling show-opener about an elegant and enigmatic archer. Reflecting the show’s focus on fashion and beauty advertising, the 1-minute opener features Brazilian model Palloma Dreher in its title role as “Artemis.” Wearing a sheer Alex London gown, Dreher appears on the lawn of a sprawling Long Island mansion and uses a large bow to fire an arrow at a distant target. When the arrow hits its mark, it explodes in a shower of purple-hued diamonds that resolves in the CLIO Image Awards logo.


Client: CLIO Image Awards and WWD

Creative &  Production:  Phoenix Media Group, New York.
Chris Phoenix, director; Colin Elliott, producer; Chris Phoenix, Colin Elliott and Jeffrey Man, writers; Michael “Beau” Grantland, director of photography; Karen Shapiro, wardrobe and stylist; Alex London, costume designer; Jeffrey Man, visual effects supervisor; Ed Morris and Konstantine Pope, music; Nicole Ranucci, associate producer.

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