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Clearasil's "Interruption


Tuesday, Jul. 14, 2015


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For this quirky coming-of-age spot directed by Aaron Stoller out of Biscuit Filmworks, The Mission team along with the creatives at Droga5 worked together to tell a story about growth and self-realization through the perspective of…a talking bottle of Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Face Wash.  Stephen, a young zit sporting adolescent, laments in his bathroom mirror over his acne predicament. We all know the feeling, we've been there. We’ve all gotten comforting words from knowledgeable sources: our parents, an older sibling perhaps, but really who better to comfort than the one who will be on the forefront, fighting the battle - your face wash. Stephen looks around and astonishingly realizes that it is his Rapid Action Clearasil Bottle telling him “Hey, acne won’t last forever.”

 VFX elements in this spot include CG character model and animation, beauty work, clean-up, robot head composite, light enhancements, and ceiling replacement.


Campaign: Let's Be Clear

Client: Clearasil/Reckitt Benckiser
Brand Director: Deb Ebile; Brand Manager: Elyse Goldweitz

Agency: Droga5 New York
Creative Chairman: David Droga; Chief Creative Officer:Ted Royer; Group Creative Director: Tim Gordon; Senior Copywriter: Ryan Raab; Senior Art Director: Dan Kenneally; Chief Creation Officer: Sally-Ann Dale; Executive Producer: Adam Perloff; Global Chief Strategy Officer: Jonny Bauer; Strategy Director: Will Davie; Senior Strategist: Danielle Travers; Senior Data Strategist: Lily Ng; Head of Communications Strategy: Colleen Leddy; Communications Strategist: Bryn Little; Social Strategy Director: Tom Hyde; Senior Social Strategist: Calvin Stowell; Social Manager: Maureen O'Brien; Group Account Director: Olivia Legere; Account Director: Megan Gokey; Account Manager: Ashton Atlas

Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Aaron Stoller; DOP: Bryan Newman; Executive Producer: Holly Vega; Producer: Mala Vasan

Editorial: Mackenzie Cutler
Editor: Erik Laroi; Assistant Editor: Brendan Hogan; Executive Producer: Sasha Hirschfeld

Postproduction: The Mission
Animation Director: Piotr Karwas; CG Modeler: Waylon Dobson; Animator/Lighter: Craig Van Dyke; Animator/Lighter: Samir Lyons; Flame Artist: Trent Shumway; Motion Graphics Artist: Laura Panella; Executive Producer: Ellen Turner; Managing Director: Mike Pardee; VFX Producer: Ryan Meredith; VFX Coordinator: Kristina Thoegersen

Sound Design: The Ski Team

Sound Sound Lounge
Mixer: Chris Afzal

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