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Cedar Fair's "Everything You Fear"


Artisans PR
Tuesday, May. 20, 2014


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Filmworkers’ new creative unit Churchill Studio encourages viewers to face their worst fears (while enjoying the thrill of their lives) in this new spot for amusement park giant Cedar Fair and Chicago agency Cramer-Krasselt. Everything You Fear is an all-CG spot introducing Banshee, a new roller coaster debuting at Cedar Fair’s Kings Island park this summer.

In the spot, the giant ride appears to build itself and then takes park patrons on an adrenalin-pumping trip full of vertical loops, dives and zero-g rolls. The ride’s ghostly namesake appears out of nowhere and pursues the riders, while emitting a bone-chilling scream. The narration notes that Banshee has “everything you fear: your fear of heights…of falling…of flying…of demons.”

Client: Cedar Fair Entertainment
Kelley Semmelroth, EVP/Chief Marketing Officer; Lupita Suda, Manager Advertising.
Agency: Cramer-Krasselt, Chicago
Pat Hanna, VP/Creative Director; Larry Liss, Assoc. Creative Director; David Petti; Assoc. Creative Director; Derek Green; Senior VP/Exec. Creative Director; Julie Sheridan, Senior VP/Group Account Director; Tiffany Williams, VP/Account Supervisor; Rich Mules, VP/Management Supervisor; Will Meyers, Producer; Liz Dacko, VP/Campaign Manager; Nancy Bernardin; Business Manager.
Animation & Post:  Filmworkers (Churchill Studio)
Daniel Pernikoff, Art Director/Lead Compositor; Rob Churchill, Nuke Compositor/Flame Online; Charlie Peterson, CGI Artist; Drew Parks, CGI Artist; Quin Barclay; CGI Artist; Fred Keller; Colorist; Jeff Charatz, Online Finish; Derek de Board, Executive Producer.
Edit: Beast Editorial
Angelo Valencia, Editor; Lauren Scheurer, Post Producer.
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