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Canon How to Care for Your Camera


SPW Editor
Friday, Jun. 13, 2014


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Photographers just want to focus on what is most important – and that is taking great pictures.  Canon’s latest how-to video, “How to Care for Your Camera”  provides practical and accurate tips and tricks for novices and professionals alike on how to take good care of their cameras and lenses.  This short video demonstrates correct ways to check, clean, store and protect camera gear to avoid support calls, unnecessary repairs and even extend the life of your gear. 

Holly Groder, Training Developer for Canon's Call Center, takes the viewer through several important steps on how and what to check on a camera and lens and then how to clean specific parts of the camera, including the image sensor.  The video also addresses specific common household cleaning products that should never be used because they can actually cause damage to cameras and lenses. 


Produced by Canon Service & Support
Talent: Holly Groder, Training Developer for Canon's Call Center

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