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"Bulimia: The Musical"


Monday, Aug. 11, 2014


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From the creators of the 'Quick And Funny Musicals' series at the Los Angeles Upright Citizens Brigade theater, comes a new original dark comedy musical. Bulimia: The Musical is a cautionary tale, not suitable for the weak of stomach or heart, which follows a young girls tragic struggle via the form of song and dance.

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Director: Kristen McCasey
EPs: Joe DiSanto, Kristen McCasey, Kathryn Burns
Producers: Joe DiSanto, Jesse Rivard
Actors: Cedric Yarbough, Gary Anthony Williams, Jamie Denbo, Kristen Rozanski, Betsy Sodaro
Screenplay: Kathryn Burns, Matthew Patrick Davis, Jackie Johnson
Music: Matthew Patrick Davis, Andy Grush
Production Designer: Danika Von Gesjen
Costume Designer: Melissa Gould-McNeely
Choreographer: Kathryn Burns
DP: Barry Norwood
Editor: Kristin McCasey



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