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Budweiser's “Friends Are Waiting”


Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2014


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The Budweiser spot, “Friends are Waiting”,  illustrates the importance of not drinking and driving through the touching relationship between a dog and his owner.  Helmed by TPSC director Gus Black, this spot was part of the annual Global Be(er) Responsible Day and has more than 18 million views on YouTube. 

The poignant storytelling and warm directorial tones of  the spot shows Gus’s strengths and range.  “Gus has the unique ability to create scenarios in which the talent (both human and animal) are completely relaxed and at ease. It's within these constructs where Gus truly makes magic moments happen in front of the lens,” says Executive Producer John Noble.  

“The vibe on set was incredible and creative," says Black.  “I'm humbled by the response to the ad and extremely grateful to be part of such a great project.”


Client: Budweiser

Creative Consultants:  Momentum
Agency Producers: The Big Tree
Producer:  Larry Israel

Production Company: TPSC Entertainment
Director: Gus Black; Executive Producer: John Noble; Producer:  Lisa Dabao

Agency Producers: The Big Tree; Producer:  Larry Israel

Post Production House:  90 Degrees West
Editorial Executive Producer:  Ellen Legow; Editor: Scott Whiteaker; Editor: Scott Conger

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