Saturday, October 22, 2016
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Behind The Scenes: Clifford Ross “Immersive Harmonium Video with Live Japanese Drum Group, Taikoza”


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A transporting experience arrived in New York City under the direction of Clifford Ross, the landmark multi-media artist who has been captivating audiences for decades. His latest project, “Immersive Harmonium Video with Live Japanese Drum Group, Taikoza” took his vision deeper, enveloping viewers in a beautifully abstract world that was projected inside the century-old archway below the Manhattan Bridge. Putting the artist’s dream into action for the Dumbo Arts Festival required a fast-moving team -- one that could produce 25 minutes of striking CGI in time for the show’s premier in September. One of the key resources that emerged was The Brigade, the cloud based studio providing scalable creative teams for visual design, animation and VFX artists that made the daunting project possible.

Client: Clifford Ross;  Project: “Immersive Harmonium” Video Exhibition;  Production Company: Suite Spot, New York City, Executive Producer: Eli Heitin; Animation/Post: The Brigade, New York City,
Executive Producer: Dave Dimeola, Technical Director:  Gavin Guerra.


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