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Audi's "Ricky – Uncompromised Portrait"


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Monday, Mar. 31, 2014


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“Ricky – Uncompromised Portrait” opens on Gervais stating “I cherish the gasps as much as much as the laughs and the cheers and the rounds of applause… ‘uh!’  I like that.”  Later, the much-loved and truly uncompromising performer concludes, “I don’t really want to do safe, homogenized stuff that everyone likes a bit.  I sort of like doing it my way because that’s the fun.  Everyday should be filled with doing what you love.  That’s more important… that’s more important than anything.”  The video concludes on the super “Whatever you do, stay uncompromised.” followed by the Audi logo and tag, “Truth In Engineering.”   


Client: Audi of America

Title: Audi “Uncompromised Portraits”

Agency: Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco, CA
Agency Executive Producer: Mandi Holdorf

Production Company: The Academy, Los Angeles, CA
Director: Christian Sorensen Hansen
Executive Producer: Harry Calbom
DP: Christian Sorensen Hansen
Producers: Jill McBridge (NY), Elyciphus Siler (LA)

Editorial: The Academy
Post Producer: Mike Holm
Editor: Christian Sorensen Hansen

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