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ANZAC Girls: Visual Effects creation episode 1


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Monday, Aug. 18, 2014


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Based on Peter Rees’ book The Other ANZACsANZAC Girls tells the true story of five military nurses from Australia and New Zealand who served with Allied forces during World War I. Witnessing the horrors of war, the women experienced severe hardships while tending to the wounded and formed bonds of friendship that would last a lifetime. As Series Producer Lisa Scott (who produced the series with Felicity Packard) explains, the series “offers unique insight by showing how the war affected people, other than soldiers on the line.”


Visual Effects Company: Rising Sun Pictures, Adelaide, South Australia.
Visual Effects: Supervisor Tim Crosbie; Visual Effects Producer: Richard Thwaites

The series was written by Felicity Packard, produced by Screentime and filmed in South Australia

Directors Ken Cameron and Ian Watson

Cinematographer Geoffrey Hall

Production Designer Scott Bird 

Production Company: Screen Time

Distributor: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) (2013) (Australia) 
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