Tuesday, October 25, 2016
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Alex Buono’s "Visual Storytelling 2" Official Tour Trailer


SPW Editor
Monday, Jul. 20, 2015


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This summer MZed is proud to announce Alex Buono’s Visual Storytelling 2; Style & Subtext in Cinema. This 32-city tour is a follow-up filmmaking workshop that goes beyond the original tour by focusing on lighting & shooting techniques with a full day of live demonstrations. Alex's 15 seasons shooting for Saturday Night Live (SNL) have given him the opportunity to shoot essentially every filmmaking genre. Because of SNL's format, he faces incredible time demands; virtually every shooting situation presents challenges that must be overcome with almost no prep time. Alex's field-tested experience allows him to teach attendees skills and techniques to utilize in a variety of lighting & shooting situations, such as shooting in mixed color temperatures, shooting in a car, choosing the proper lens, and controlling natural light.

Cinematography workshop taught by Alex Buono - DP of Saturday Night Live Film Unit and Oscar® Nominee.


Produced MZed and Alex Buono

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