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Alamo Drafthouse Cinema 2D Digital Short


The Napoleon Group
Thursday, Jun. 12, 2014


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Just in time for Father’s Day, The Napoleon Group has created a cool retro-flavored 2D digital short for Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and Time Warner Cable’s Showcased at and shown in four San Antonio, Texas, Drafthouse theaters, the 30-second 2D digital short employs 1960s-inspired art and illustration created by Napoleon’s in-house art studio to promote a special Father’s Day movie pass gift package.


Client: Time Warner Cable Media
Production Company: The Napoleon Group
Creative Director/Time Warner Cable Media: Christian Bock
Creative Director/The Napoleon Group: Ken Kresge
Art Supervisor: Scott Stein
Art Studio Technical Director: Norm Morales
Artist: Al Evcimen
Colorist: Frank Mignosi
Art Studio Assistant: Chloe Gilbert
Compositor/Editor: Matthew Ranson
Voiceover Artist: Ken Kresge
Audio Engineer: Stephane Guyot


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