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Adidas Golf "Boost Tech"


Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2015


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The Mission collaborates with Kastner & Partners and Uber Content to shine a light on Adidas revolutionary new energy return technology.

"Boost Tech" showcases the slick form factor of the golf product line of footwear and explodes the BASF developed material, which creates the energy in the sole of every high performance adidas shoe. The Mission 3D team worked closely with agency creatives to bring the story of this innovative adidas technology to life in the spot’s all CG end tag. A dynamic particle cloud was simulated and tweaked until the client was happy with an accurate depiction of its performance advantage.  Once the animation was set, The Mission’s team fine tuned the color, texture, and lighting of the shoe until they hit the photo real aesthetic they are known for.

The Mission’s lead flame artist Joey Brattesani, managed the color correction, clean-up, and dynamic graphic design for the campaign.


Agency: Kastner& Partners
Chief Creative Officer: Jamie Reilly
Creative Director: Tim Braybrooks
Copywriter: Hank Zakroff
Art Director: Chad Ford
Managing Director: Richard Turner
Account Supervisor: Noah Roper

Production: Über Content
Executive Producer: Preston Lee
Executive Producer: Phyllis Koenig
Director: Cole Webley
DP: Travis Cline
Line Producer: Christopher Cho

VFX: The Mission
Lead Flame Artist: Joey Brattesani
Creative Director: Rob Trent
Animation Director: Piotr Karwas
Animator: Samir Lyons
CG Modeler: Raul Dominguez
VFX Producer: Ryan Meredith
VFX Coordinator: Kristina Thoegersen
Managing Director: Michael Pardee

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