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2C Promo Integration: Discvovery's Shark Week & Redd's Apple Ale


Kristien Brada-...
Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2014


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Gearing up for its iconic “Shark Week,” Discovery Channel called on creative agency 2C to collaborate on an integrated promo starring comedy skit character Bob the Shark (“Shark After Dark”) and official “Shark Week” beer sponsor, Redd’s Apple Ale. The spot, conceptualized and written by 2C’s Ben Frank, uses humor and campiness to capture the immense pop culture appeal of the annual television event and allure of Redd’s Apple Ale.

With a glossy, commercial quality, the promo takes viewers into the classic tropical party scene, with revelers enjoying poolside festivities. That is, until Bob the Shark crashes the party and shakes things up with a surprise Redd’s Apple Ale tug-of-war. Delivering a custom, turn-key package from concept to post, 2C did everything from writing the script and casting the spot’s actors to finding the location, shooting on an Arri Alexa camera and editing it all together seamlessly.


Senior Vice President, Marketing – Lara Richardson
Vice President, Branded Content – Jennifer Pennybacker
Production Manager – Matt Schoepfer

Chris Sloan – Chief Creative Officer
Brian Eloe – Director and Creative Director
Senior Writer/Producer – Ben Frank
Director of Operations – Frank Quadreny
Senior Editor – Jeff Morelli
Graphics – Dmitri Zavyazkin

DP – Bart Tau
Line Producer / Assistant Director – Russell Katzman

Art Director – Jerry Blom

Color Grading – Company 3, Tyler Roth

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