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2C Promo Campaign for Steve Harvey (2014)


Kristien Brada-...
Thursday, Sep. 4, 2014


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Tapped by NBCUniversal Domestic Television Distribution to launch a third season of Daytime Emmy® Award-Winning “Steve Harvey,” 2C took the beloved talk show host back to the streets of Chicago to reconnect with his public… and then some.

2C orchestrated a custom, on-location shoot involving a cast of more than 100 people, 12 different scenarios, three cameras (two Alexa and a C300) and a 30-foot techno crane. To accomplish such an ambitious shoot, Director of Photography Kevin Emmons was brought in to lend his expertise in crafting beautiful photography in a very limited window, thereby respecting Mr. Harvey’s time and robust production schedule. Once 2C completed the production, the team spent several weeks in edit honing the best moments and energy before bringing it all together with a bright, sunny and warm color pass. 2C also added some visual effects by building a composite of the extras used to create the crowd in the plaza.


NBCUniversal Domestic Television Distribution
Senior Vice President, Marketing and Brand Strategy: Bear Fisher
Vice President, Marketing: Ilana Susnow

Chief Creative Officer: Chris Sloan
Creative Director/Director: Brian Eloe
Producer, Steve Harvey: Alicia Bailey
Senior Writer/Producer: Ben Frank
Senior Preditor: Adam Cronan
Editor: Jeff Morelli
Visual Effects & Finishing: Dmitri Zavyazkin
Audio Engineer: Cesar Haliwa

Director of Photography: Kevin Emmons
Production Company, Chicago: Media Process Group
1st AD: James Fahey
Motion Designer: Kevin Liotti
Color Grading: Adam Rush

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