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“Shark Week’” Integrated Promos for Discovery Channel


Kristien Brada-...
Wednesday, Jul. 1, 2015


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To promote another highly anticipated “Shark Week” alongside two of its official sponsors, Discovery Channel returned to 2C Creative for a pair of promo integrations starring the one-and-only Bob the Shark. 2C, which has become an expert resource in brand integrations, worked with Discovery last year in teaming Bob the Shark with official “Shark Week” beer sponsor, Redd’s Apple Ale. This year, the creative agency has produced two brand integrations, bringing Bob the Shark’s signature campiness to all-new scenarios involving Redd’s Apple Ale and Dunkin’ Donuts.

For Redd’s Apple Ale, 2C had to reconnect Bob the Shark with the Redd’s Apple Ale brand in a storyline taking things into a fresh direction and not simply rehashing the same creative. For Dunkin' Donuts, the goal was to use Bob the Shark to create an authentic spectacle with the aim of inviting beach goers to participate in the tasty social media stunt.



Senior Vice President, Marketing – Lara Richardson
Vice President, Branded Content – Jennifer Pennybacker
Production Manager – Matt Schoepfer


Chief Creative Officer – Chris Sloan
Director and Creative Director – Brian Eloe
Senior Writer/Producer – Ben Frank
Director of Operations – Frank Quadreny
Senior Editor – Jeff Morelli
Graphics – Dmitri Zavyazkin


DP – Bart Tau
Assistant Director – Jimmy Ramirez
Line Producer – Russell Katzman
Art Director – Jerry Blom
Colorist – Herman Nieuwoudt
Visual Effects (Dunkin’ Donuts spot) – Hector Espinosa

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