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Pro-Cam Rentals receives drone authorization from FAA
A drone in the Pro-Cam's UAS fleet
  • CHATSWORTH, Calif.
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Pro-Cam Rentals--which launched an aerial division in December to supply the broadcast and motion picture industry with a fleet of state-of-the-art Unmanned Aerials Systems (UAS), including the first Shotover U1--has now received authorization from the FAA to commercially operate drones for aerial cinematography and data capture. This extends Pro-Cam’s capabilities beyond international locations to get the aerial shots clients need within the United States, supplied from the company’s eight full service locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Pro-Cam’s FAA 333 exemption authorization grants blanket permission to fly up to 400 feet from sunrise to sunset without any additional FAA permission, and indoors day or night. Pro-Cam is the first Hollywood aerial company to be granted a blanket exemption for 1,200 current and all future FAA-approved drone makes/models, ensuring its clients can deploy cutting-edge UAS technology without delay from government bureaucracy.
Pro-Cam’s fleet of aerial tools ranges from small nimble drones that fly low and close to capture action and stunts, to a medium lifter drone that can 3D map locations for VFX pre-visualizations, to a large heavy-lifter drone that can fly high and wide carrying RED or ALEXA cinema camera payloads as a low cost alternative to a helicopter.

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