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The Best Work You May Never See: #OneMoreDay’s “Unanswered” Directed By Andrew Wonder


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, May. 10, 2016


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Filmmaker Andrew Wonder has launched #OneMoreDay, a social campaign to stop gun violence in schools. Produced by Station Film, #OneMoreDay helps students deal with gun violence in their schools by inviting them to make pledges for positive social change and share them on social media.

#OneMoreDay’s centerpiece is a chilling hero film called Unanswered that is a single steadicam shot, which Wonder—working with up-and-coming cinematographer Adam Newport-Berra—opted to shoot on film with an Arricam LT and a 32mm master prime, and process using a trick he learned from acclaimed cinematographer Harris Savides (Elephant, Milk, Zodiac), underexposing the film two stops, then pulling two stops to bring more personality out of the negative.

For Wonder, a former high school teacher in Asheville, North Carolina, the issue of gun violence in schools is near and dear to his heart. He explained, “Our goal with the #OneMoreDay campaign is to go beyond views, likes and reposts on social media in order to truly make a difference. Thoughtful action is necessary, so we ask our audience to make personal pledges in the pursuit of preventing gun violence in their schools. What will they do to help their peers feel comfortable and make their communities safe and positive?”

Thus far the grass roots campaign has garnered pledges in the form of individual student affirmations and community videos, which advocate positive social change and provide access to resources and mentors.

“From the moment Andrew spoke about this project I felt a deep emotional connection and a determination to help create One More Day,” said Stephen Orent, Managing Partner, Station Film. “Andrew is fearless in his work and fearless in his pursuit for change. As a father of three myself, reading the script and visualizing the haunting pain and reality of the first few moments of a tragic school shooting, I knew what we were creating had tremendous potential to make a difference. We’re all excited to see the impact of #OneMoreDay.”


Client #OneMoreDay Production Station Film Andrew Wonder, director/creative director; Stephen Orent, Caroline Gibney, Michelle Towse, executive producers; Tommy Henvy, executive creative director; Alon Simcha, producer; Adam Newport-Berra, DP. Editorial Crew Cuts Jake Jacobson, editor; Stephanie Norris, editorial producer. VFX Ian Glaum, VFX creative director. Postproduction Dulany Foster, conform/multi-media. Audio Julienne Guffain, mixer.

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