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  • Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2016
NAB Show to host Kaleidoscope VR Showcase
René Pinnell, co-founder of Kaleidoscope
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The NAB Show has partnered with Kaleidoscope, the largest community for virtual reality (VR) creators, to host the inaugural Kaleidoscope VR Showcase at NAB Show, which will take place April 18–21 in Las Vegas.

The Kaleidoscope VR Showcase at NAB Show will feature groundbreaking virtual reality films and immersive experiences, which hail from North America, Europe, South America and beyond. For the first time, NAB Show attendees will have the opportunity to travel to virtual worlds and experience the most innovative narrative, environmental and interactive content.

“With the rapid evolution of media and entertainment, it’s clear that virtual reality will play a prominent role in the future of film and broadcasting,” said NAB EVP of Conventions and Business Operations Chris Brown. “Kaleidoscope will be a major highlight of our virtual reality educational programming--we can’t wait to see what this next generation of artists brings to the NAB Show floor.”

Founded in 2015 by entrepreneur René Pinnell and former Industrial Light & Magic technical director Michael Breymann, Kaleidoscope empowers independent VR artists and works to promote the visibility of VR as the new frontier of film and entertainment. Previous to its involvement with NAB Show, the inaugural Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival toured across the North American continent, visiting 10 cities that included Austin, Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver, and more in 2015.

“As the home of unique and award-winning virtual reality content and artists, Kaleidoscope is thrilled to bring this new frontier of experiential entertainment to NAB Show,” said René Pinnell, co-founder of Kaleidoscope. “The success of our North American tour highlighted the resounding interest in this medium, and the artists that are its pioneers. There’s no better place to showcase this extraordinary movement in media than at NAB Show.”