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  • Wednesday, May. 14, 2008
Vidshadow Adds Planet X To Its Video Network
  • PLACENTIA, Calif.
  • --

Vidshadow, an online video network that partners with content providers and third party websites that play the content, announced an agreement with Planet X to syndicate its extreme sports programming across the Vidshadow network. A wide variety of video advertising will play with the content.
    Planet X, a division of Planet One Ventures, Encinitas, Calif., which plays extreme sports content on TV, online, mobile and even digital signage networks on Los Angeles buses, according to the company's CEO and Founder Don Durban, will extend its content through syndication on Vidshadow's network of sites. Vidshadow came out of beta in April and hasn't announced the sites in its network yet, but plans to do so soon, according to CEO Jordan Hudgens.
    Planet X has a vast library of programming and since much of it is TV, it's long form that runs for 25 minutes. "It's different from typical action sports content, because of the long-form content that's like Hulu," Hudgens said. "We'll be able to play every type of ad unit, from pre-rolls to mid-rolls and overlays. Because it's long-form content we can play mid-rolls after five minutes of content plays and offer multiple overlays for brand advertisers."
    Hudgens said Vidshadow will sell much of the advertising itself and work with ad networks such as Tremor Media and ScanScout on remnant inventory. "When we don't sell the campaign, there will be some form of monetization unit," he said. He also said he's going to play Google overlay ads.
    Ad revenue is split three ways, among Vidshadow, Planet X and the publishers in the Vidshadow network. Revenue is generated on a CPM basis, so the rates are based on the number of times the videos play, Hudgens said.
    Vidshadow is promoting Planet X partnership on the news section of its site and its blog. "When we go into new verticals like action sports, we go out and pursue additional affiliates looking to distribute the content," Hudgens said. "We give them our platform and they become a member of our network."
    Vidshadow has established partnerships with 15 to 20 content providers and has also announced National Lampoon and FullTurn Media. Additional partnership announcements will be made soon.


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