Wednesday, May 23, 2018
  • Friday, Jun. 6, 2003
Hungry Man Bowls For Circle K


ConocoPhillips/Circle K Stores.


Hungry Man, bicoastal/


David Shane, director; Jo Willems, DP; Stephen Orent, executive producer/N.Y.; Dan Duffy, executive producer/L.A.; John Davison, line producer. Shot on location in Los Angeles.


Dailey & Associates, West Hollywood.

Mike Folino, creative director; Elissa Brooks, producer; Bill Waldner, copywriter; Mark Rouse, art director.


Red Car, Santa Monica.

Michael Bartoli, editor.


Vendetta Post, Santa Monica.

James Bygrave and Peter Mayor, online editors/visual effects artists.

R!OT, Santa Monica.

Bob Festa, colorist.


Margarita Mix de Santa Monica.

Jimmy Hite, mixer.


Asche & Spencer, Venice, Calif. and Minneapolis.

Daniel Stein, composer; Dean Menta, sound designer, "Beer/Soda" and "Lottery Tickets/Ice."

Red Car.

Michael Bartoli, sound designer, "Coffee/Camera" and "Cold Remedies/Cell Phones."


Four humorous :30s spotlight the tag, "What else do you need?" In "Lottery Tickets/Ice," a couple of guys are getting ready to bowl. As one of the men goes to throw the ball down the lane, the ball flies backwards and sails over the other guy's head just as he's bending down. "Do you suddenly feel lucky?" asks the voiceover. "Lottery tickets and anything else you want. What else do you need?" In a continuation of that ad, the inadvertently tossed bowling ball goes flying into the forehead of a man who's getting shoes at the front desk. The voiceover queries, "Do you suddenly need ice?" In "Beer/Soda," a man working an excavator at a construction site dumps a huge pile of dirt in the wrong place, ruining a fence. "Do you feel like calling it a day?" asks the voiceover. Product shots of beer and other beverages available at Circle K are then shown. The mound of dirt interrupts people at a barbecue, and the voiceover asks, "Need a few things for a barbecue?" In "Cold Remedies/Cell Phones," a man talking on a payphone asks how contagious he is as he coughs. "Do you feel like you're coming down with something?" says the voiceover. A woman who wants to use the phone next hastily retreats when she hears the coughing man say, "Yeah, because the rash is spreading, all over my body." The narrator queries, "Do you need a cell phone?" And in "Coffee/Cameras," a maid announces herself and enters a hotel room to straighten up. She pulls down the covers only to find a man still sleeping. "Do you need something to wake you up?" asks the voiceover as shots of steaming coffee are shown. As the maid wonders what to do, the bathroom door opens and a monkey walks out and heads to the extra bed, prompting the voiceover to comment, "Do you wish you had a camera?"

Spots broke May 21.