Friday, May 25, 2018
  • Friday, Jul. 26, 2002
Buddy's Back

For a humble spokesdoll in the service of the denim cartel, Buddy Lee has displayed quite an impressive dramatic range over the last few years. Courtesy of Fallon Minneapolis, the plucky, pint-sized mannequin was last seen playing an indestructible superhero, assisting everyday folk in violent crises. And now little Buddy is back-as of initial airdate July 14-in a two-spot package created by Fallon, and directed by Dante Ariola, of bicoastal/international Morton Jankel Zander (MJZ). Shoot Online subscribers may read this week's Top Spot of the Week in full by accessing the Current Issue in the Members Area.


Lee Dungarees/Lee Low Rise Dungarees.


Morton Jankel Zander, bicoastal/international.

Dante Ariola, director; Neil Shapiro, DP; David Zander, president/senior executive producer; Jeff Scruton, executive producer; Natalie Hill, producer. Shot on location in Vancouver, B.C.


Fallon Minneapolis.

Dave Lubars, executive creative director; Harvey Marco, creative director; Scott Cooney, copywriter; Eric Cosper, art director; Rob van de Weteringe Buys, executive producer/producer.


Cosmo Street/Peep Show, bicoastal.

Andrea MacArthur, editor; Brian Freundlich, assistant editor; Yvette Cobarrubias, executive producer; Tania Thiele, producer.


Company 3, Santa Monica.

Stefan Sonnenfeld, colorist.

Method, Santa Monica.

Alex Frisch, visual effects supervisor/lead artist/online editor; Andrew Eksner, Inferno artist; Sue Troyan, visual effects producer.

SMG Effects, Sun Valley, Calif.

Screaming Mad George, principal/designer/puppeteer/sculptor; Pierre Suda, sculptor; Joanne Bloomfield, fabricator; Lars Jangaard, mechanical design/puppeteer; Mike McGee, production coordinator.


POP Sound, Santa Monica.

Loren Silber, mixer; Phillip Hamilton, assistant mixer.


tomandandy, bicoastal.

Ed Ma, composer; Tom Hajdu, creative director; Pegi Murray, executive producer.


Machine Head, Venice, Calif.

Stephen Dewey, sound designer; Chris Simpson, assistant sound designer; Vicki Melanson, producer.